rein | she/her | digital artist
commissions status: open

commission sheet

you can submit a commission request using the form or by emailing me!
my sample work can be found on my instagram or in my portfolio!

terms and conditions

  • commissions are for personal use only posting with credit, using for icons/headers, printing for personal use or as a gift are all fine, do not make merch or resell the image in any way

  • 100% upfront payment in usd through paypal with invoice

  • fees may change due to urgency of commission or complexity

  • you may only ask for changes or edits before the lineart stage

  • if, for any reason, i am unable to start your commission, you will receive a full refund

  • you will receive progress pictures for each stage of the work (sketch, lineart, etc.)

  • commissions may take up to 3 months to receive. if any delays are encountered, you will be informed. if you need it sooner, please tell me (there is an urgency fee)

  • 2 high quality images will be provided via email, one with my signature and one without. you may post either as long as you do not claim the work as your own and credit me

  • i reserve the right to post commissioned artwork online

  • i reserve the right to reject any order for any reason

sketch commissions

Base Prices 
bust$8 USD
half body$10 USD
full body$20 USD

cell shaded commissions

Base Prices 
bust$30 USD
half body$40 USD
full body$60 USD

painted commissions

Base Prices 
bust$50 USD
half body$70 USD
full body$100 USD

additional info

  • extra character(s) = +50% of base prices per character

  • detailed backgrounds = +20% of base price

  • flat color/simple backgrounds = free

  • i will not draw: very complex designs, mechas, realism, furries, nsfw

thank you for your support!

zine & event mod experience

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